Tips for buying a second-hand Mac: Ipswich Apple Mac Repair

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Tips for buying a second-hand Mac: Ipswich Apple Mac Repair: Buying a second-hand Apple Mac isn’t like buy just any only Windows PC. For a start, the Apple tech means all the components are excellent in quality, have longevity and can be upgraded when necessary. Macs are built to last, and very often, an old, upgraded Mac will have great performance potential.

Secondly, if you are looking a buying a reconditioned Apple Mac, then pat yourself on the back. Putting earlier gen computers back into circulation and use helps the environment massively. Right now, the e-waste phenomenon is a growing and very serious problem. The biggest contributors to this are the computer and smartphone industry. Because this is a fast-moving market where next gen versions are released every year – and there are a lot of companies releasing new tech, the e-waste pile has become an almost insurmountable problem.

At Darcy Consulting, we are dedicated to the repair, recycle and donate mantra. If your Mac breaks, or doesn’t work so well, fix it. If you really need a new one, make sure you get it recycled as much as possible. And if you simply don’t need your old Mac anymore, donate it to a charitable cause. There are hundreds of initiatives that supply reconditioned Macs and laptops to schools, organisations and even third world countries.

So the answer is yes. You should buy into the second hand Mac market. But here are some tips and pointers, so that you make sure you have a good deal.

Buy your reconditioned Apple Mac from a reputable source

There are a lot of second hand Macs available to buy online – and many of them are in good shape. However, if you buy something that is substandard, it’s difficult to complain and get your money back. If you buy from a registered dealer, you can ask for a three month guarantee on parts and repairs. If something goes wrong six months down the line, you’ve also got a service you can trust to fix it again.

Make sure the reconditioned Apple Mac you buy, has an SSD

A solid state drive is a new form of hard drive that doesn’t have any moving parts. This means the hard drive doesn’t need a fan to cool it down, and it’s a sealed unit. The SSD is much more resistant to damage, either by dust or liquid or drops, than a normal hard drive is. It’s also faster, so the computer’s performance speed should be good. If the Mac has an old SSD installed, that’s still ok. You can use it for as long and required, and still get it upgraded when the times comes.

Don’t pay more than you need to

The Apple store sells reconditioned Macs, but they will still be expensive, as Apple only sells recons of recent Mac models. That means you could save yourself £200 on a £1,250 MacBook. It’s not much of an economy. However, if you go for a Mac that’s around 5 years old, you’ll be looking at a much better deal. And as Mac technology is built to last, and be upgraded, the performance on the latest iOS will be good. A 2013 -2014 Mac will cost you around £450. But if you go back to 2011 and 2012 (and the tech really isn’t much different) you could pick yourself up a decent Mac for around £200.

Finally, if you’ve bought a second-hand reconditioned Mac, and you’re not happy with the performance, why not book it in for a diagnostic check with one of our engineers? We routinely check Mac performance and diagnose problems that can usually be fixed with a tweak or two. Even if you need to see a technician and replace a part on your reconditioned Mac, you can bet your bill is still way below the cost of buying a new machine. Not only that, but you are saving the environment too. It’s a win-win.

For any Apple Mac repairs or diagnostics on your Mac, call us today on Ipswich 01473 845011. We provide FREE collection and delivery of your Mac in Ipswich, Woodbridge, Kesgrave and Stowmarket.

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