Upgrade your Mac: Three simple tips

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Upgrade your Mac: Three simple tips: So your Mac has become sluggish and glitchy. You hardly have any more memory and it just isn’t the machine it once was. Furthermore, sleek and shiny new Macs in unboxing videos on YouTube keep catching your eye. You’d really like a new one. But they are so expensive. Should you take the plunge? Or stick with your old Mac and give it a good reboot?

Upgrade your Mac

We at Darcy Consulting believe that recycling and upcycling expensive tech is a social responsibility. We make sure that all parts we remove from Macs can be disposed of properly and recycled if possible. While we use entirely new components and parts in every Mac we service, we also ensure all parts that can be recycled or reconditioned, are sent to the correct places.

Unfortunately, our throw away shopping culture has created an extreme problem. Did you know that 50,000 tons of e-waste is generated every year due to electrical items being disposed of rather than repaired? This rate of dumping needs to stop. The materials used to make gadgets are often mined at the expense of the environment – and then dumped at the expense of the environment again.

There is so much talk about plastic waste – and it’s a very valid concern. But there also needs to be a focus on e-waste, which is a huge and growing problem.

So, here are five ways in which your Mac can be given a new lease of life. No need for huge payouts required on a new computer. Just a few tweaks and your upgraded Mac can be working as good as new again.


  • Upgrade you Mac hard drive with an SSD

If you have a pre 2015 Mac, it could well have a bog-standard hard drive installed. That means it has a fan and moving components that wear out after a certain amount of time.  Normal hard drives are vulnerable to overheating and computer damage. For example, if you drop your Mac, or is it badly exposed to water, your hard drive might also end up a right off. An SSD however, is a different Mac hard drive altogether. For a start, SSD stands for Solid State Drive. That means there are no moving components. No fan is needed to cool it down. It’s impermeable to most liquid exposure. Furthermore, an SSD is less likely to lose data from an accidental drop or knock. New SSD’s also run faster and more efficiently than the older hard drives, so just from that change alone, your Mac will be rejuvenated.  However, we recommend you ask an expert to install your new SSD – and that you also get expert advice on which ones would be best suited to your Mac’s specifications.


  • Upgrade your Mac’s memory

Adding more memory is like adding a whole new room of storage space to your house. Imagine is you were trying to work with boxes and files piled around you like a hoarder’s hovel? It would be impossible to work quickly, cleanly and efficiently. And that’s how your mac feels too. Upgrade your Mac’s memory and see the difference in functionality immediately. You’ll wonder why upgrading your Mac never occurred to you before.


  • Upgrade your Mac filing system

If you are one of those people who never likes to delete a file, join the club. You never know when a piece of data or work you have done might just be needed again. So it makes sense to store it, if you have the room. However, this attitude is also a bit like being and actual hoarder. You do need to have some idea of filing so that your Mac can work quickly and efficiently. Large video files, versions of edited video. High resolution images. They are very big on space and keeping them all ojn your hard drive simply isn’t a sensible solution. The answer? Be tidy and efficient. Get an external drive and back up your work daily on to it, so you don’t keep clogging up your computer hard drive. Make use of cloud storage. Apple Mac encrypted storage is the very best in the world. It is safe. It is secure. And one you know how to use it, you’ll never look back.


Call us today and we can help you organise your mac management and upgrades. We also provide free collection and delivery in the Ipswich area. To book an appointment with one of our mac specialists, call 01473 845011.


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