Upgrade your Mac: Three ways

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Upgrade your Mac: You Apple Mac computer was a big investment. Unless you managed to pick yours up on the second hand market, your initial spend would have been in excess of £1,000.  Apple Macs are expensive. But the price comes for several, very good reasons. And if you have an Apple Mac, you’ll be pleased to know that despite that first expense, you have actually got yourself a very decent piece of hardware that will last you for many years to come.

The question of e-waste is a very real problem. It’s extremely important to consider the vast amounts of tech that are left discarded. Approximately 50 million tons a year alone, is generated by the US. And this tech is only partly recycled. Computers make up a fair proportion of this problem. And Windows computers are a far bigger problem than Apple Macs. This is for several reasons. The first is expense. The initial investment in an Apple Mac is high. That means users tend to take better care of their equipment. The second reason is that Apple Macs are built to last, so they tend to need less servicing and perform better for longer. Finally, Apple Macs can be upgraded very successfully. This means a computer you invested in a decade ago, can be updated and improved to run the latest iOS. So, read on to find out more about Apple Mac Upgrades

Apple Mac upgrades: The hard drive

The first step in upgrading your Apple Mac is to look at the hard drive. Does your computer operate wit a normal hard drive? Or have you got and SSD? An SSD is a solid state drive. And it’s a marvellous piece of tech that enables you to store your data in a much more secure way. SSD stands for solid state drive. There are no moving parts, and no fan required to present overheating. The SSD is far more resilient to dust, liquid and damage caused by impact. Therefore, your data is much safer. This is especially important for Apple Mac users who are on the go and take their MacBook Pros wherever they go.

Apple Mac upgrades: The memory

If you have an older Apple Mac model, you are in luck, because these computers are infinitely more upgradable in terms of memory. In recent years, Apple has taken to soldering the RAM into the motherboard – especially in the newer MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. This is disastrous Because it means that the later models are not so easy to update. However, if your model is pre 2015, you’ll find the memory cards can be swapped in and out with ease. More memory equals a faster Apple Mac, better storage capacity and improved performance. A total win-win.

Apple Mac Upgrades: The software

Once you’ve tackled the hardware issues, the software can also be addressed. In order to make use of the latest features of Mac OS, you’ll need to have upgraded your software to the latest version. Tackling your software update means you’ll probably benefit from an expert Mac technician running a few diagnostic tests. These tests show where there are inconsistencies in your present system. The Mac technician can then address the problems, and then upgrade your operating system, which make the performance of your Apple Mac much more efficient.

Apple Mac upgrades near me

Darcy Consulting is the top Apple Mac repair service in Suffolk. We specialise in Apple Mac upgrades. This means we can have your Apple Mac working faster and better for you. A faster Apple Mac means a healthier computer. It also means you will be less likely to need a replacement Apple Mac any time soon. Remember, if you have an older model, the chances of it being upgradable are very much more likely, than if you’ve bought a recent Apple Mac. The reasons for Apple making upgrades more difficult, is obvious. Their priority is profit and selling as many Apple Macs as possible. It’s actually not a good stance for our planet though.

Upgrade your Mac: Second hand market

So, if you’re a first time Apple Mac buyer, walk past your local iStore and take a look at the second-hand Apple Mac market instead. Chances are you’ll be able to pick up a great computer that is infinitely up-gradable, for a less than a third of the price of a new Apple Mac. Parts and labour for repairing Apple Macs that are no longer in warranty, vary according to the scale of the repair. If you’d like more information on purchasing and upgrading a second hand Apple Mac, call us today on Ipswich 01473 845011. You can also visit our main website here:



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