Home User Virus Protection Ipswich

Virus Protection Ipswich For Home Users – call us today!

Do your friends keep on getting emails which you did not send? Are you finding it difficult to print or do you keep on getting annoying pop ups all the time? It sounds to us like you may have picked up a few viruses or some malware. Taking care of the infection early is so important. Your laptop likes being healthy! Get Virus Protection Ipswich home user packages before the virus gets into your system!

The great news is that Darcy Consulting is a PC paramedic service fitted out just for you. If your laptop needs life saving treatment then pick up that phone and call us!

Darcy Consulting is offering managed virus protection solutions to it’s Ipswich customers. When you purchase our managed virus protection your Ipswich Business will receive:

Comprehensive Signature Based Scanning

 This uses traditional methods of identifying threats by comparing them against a database of known malware and virus’.

Heuristic Checks

Protect your computer against previously unknown threats using powerful heuristic checks which isolate the new threats in a safe location away from the business’ central system.

Active Protection and Behavioural Scanning

This powerful software can shut down even the most sophisticated malware via a constant real time monitoring that instantly detects programs which are regularly associated with malware exploits.

Don’t take chances with your computer. Darcy Consulting can make sure your I.T system is safe at all times. Managed Virus Protection from £2.50 a month.