Why is my computer slow?

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Why is my computer slow? When you buy a computer or a laptop, one of the biggest annoyances is going to be if it starts to go slower and slower over time. In the most part it is going to take a good few years for a laptop to slow down to the point where you find it a struggle to use it, but there are some circumstances when this comes around much sooner than you expect.

So, why is this? Why does your computer get slower and slower over time?

Everyday use can bloat it out

It doesn’t matter what brand of laptop (or Mac) you choose to have, everyday use is usually enough to make it slow down and under perform. As you surf the net, as you install software and of course as you download files, your computer is going to be somewhat bloated from trying to hold all of this information. This bloating can cause the very basics of the laptop, the system resources to slow down as it takes more time and effort trying to manage those additional, unnecessary and sometimes unknown files.

Your hard drive can become corrupted

You may be likely to think of the hard drive within your computer as an impenetrable force, but this really isn’t the case.  Your hard drive can be corrupted by a variety of things and over time this will take its toll on how well your laptop will perform. Some of the things that will corrupt your laptop includes bugs in the operating system, corrupted RAM data, power surges, failing hardware and also just the usual decomposition of an operating system over time.

If your hard drive is old, it might have limited space and efficiency. In this situation you can upgrade your Apple Mac hard drive to an SSD. SSD stands for Sold State Drive – and that’s actually exactly what it is. An SSD is a single circuit board of memory. It’s massively fast and efficient – and has no moving parts, so it often much smaller than a traditional hard drive. Because it’s one single piece – there is far less to go wrong. It won;t ever overheat – so it; doesn’t require a fan. It doesn’t have any moving parts, so there is nothing to wear out.

You may be running out of RAM or hard disk space

Another huge reason that your laptop might not be performing as it should is because it doesn’t have enough RAM or hard disc space. RAM is required to run programs that are on your computer and not having enough of it will mean that your hard drive is going to try and find ways to compensate for this lack of memory. To do this it will take away the RAM from other resources in order to complete the tasks that it needs to perform.

You have installed far too many programmes

There are some programmes that are necessary for your laptop to run and those that are useful for you to install. However, there are also those that those are not necessary, but that you might end up installing anyway. Without realising it you are going to soon find that your laptop is packed full of things that you don’t need. These additional apps and installations are just making your computer slow down. Sometimes, the problem gets so bad that you feel as though your computer is unusable.

If this could be the case, a big clean up is required of your hard drive and desktop. remove any unused apps and take a good look in your downloads files. Excessive use of video and heavy photo files can be the reason why your compute also gets clogged up. Store additional files on cloud – or to external hard drives to solve the issue. If your compute is still slow – a diagnostic service with a professional Apple Mac Repair service, could be your next option.

You could have a virus

The idea of having a virus on your computer is enough to give any owner anxiety, however, what you may not realise is that having a virus on your computer can be one of the main causes of it going slowly. The simplest ways to avoid getting a virus is to have good quality virus software installed on the computer, but you should also think about how you browse the internet too.

There are so many things that can cause your computer to under-perform, however, in the most part they are avoidable and they can be fixed to. Of course, if you find that your laptop is going slower than ever, then you may need to think about laptop repairs from a reputable shop to get you back on track.

Just in case you thought, as an Apple Mac user, that you would be immune to viruses, think again. All computers are vulnerable to malware  – including iOS. It’s important that you have malware removed properly – and install the correct virust protect packages on your computer. Our Apple Mac technicians can advise you. Check out our recent blog on Apple Macs and malware here.

Ipswich Apple Mac Repair Services

If you’ve tried all the above options and your Apple Mac is still running slow, there may well be a deeper problem occurring. This could be either hardware faults – or a software issue. A professional Apple Mac diagnostics will be required to ascertain the root of the problem. Our certified Apple Mac technicians can help. We have a central Ipswich drop-off and collection point – just Google Mac Repair near me – and if you’re in Ipswich, our service will pop up at the top if the list.

Equally, if you really don’t fancy venturing out, we have a fantastic collection and delivery service that’s free of charge. Door-r-door computer repair services. It doesn’t get more convenient than that. And, if you’re in a hurry for your repair, we also have a fast-track service available for a small surcharge.


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